Stephen Grieve | | | At Bank Vale Mill

Stephen Grieve is a jeweler and goldsmith, creating simply beautiful pieces in Silver, enhanced with gold and copper. His inspiration comes from the raw beauty of silver and the ebb and flow of natural designs. He takes the melted raw metal and crafts it into individual pieces that vary in design and are highly finished.

I consider my work to be quite varied, producing items from elegant spoons to large chunky necklaces. I use a mixture of traditional and non-traditional techniques producing high end pieces which are highly finished and varied in design.

I have a passion for making jewellery and love making individual pieces or limited editions. During the lockdown period I have been making a selection of pieces of various designs and complexity.

I reuse the silver or gold, melting the metal down to produce my unique pieces, meaning everything is truly handmade. I have undertaken various commissions including remodelling and offer jewellery making workshops.

Recently I have taken up the opportunity of becoming part of a brand new venture at The Thread Mill in Hayfield. This is to be an artists hub unique to the area, with purpose built workshops producing work such as Laser cutting, Calligraphy, Painting and Jewellery to name a few. If you are looking for something unique and individual, feel free to visit me at the Mill, contact me or see my website