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  • Dawn Holmes
    You will find more of my work on my facebook page Dawn Holmes Artist
  • Eve Lumai Bridges
    Eve Lumai Bridges creates sparing line work of local landscapes alongside mixed media illustrations. Eve is currently studying for an […]
  • Henry Walsh
    “Scattered throughout the hustle and bustle of concrete life, like pools among the rocks, are the parks and squares that […]
  • James Horton
  • Jo Orme
    Jo likes to collect things; rusty metal things, natural things like twigs, shells, leaves, things that are worn and weathered. […]
  • Ken Bowden
  • Mel Bowden
  • Rachel Eastop
  • Simon Bridges
    Simon Bridges captures photographic images of landscapes in broad vista and textural detail. Simon has little interest in photographic technology and focuses more […]
  • Sue Sheppard
    Have a look at my other work. Maybe you like it. To get in touch, send me an email : […]