Eve Lumai Bridges

Eve Lumai Bridges creates sparing line work of local landscapes alongside mixed media illustrations. Eve is currently studying for an MA in Illustration at the Manchester School of Art and has exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in 2017 and 2018.  https://www.eveillustration.co.uk

Henry Walsh

“Scattered throughout the hustle and bustle of concrete life, like pools among the rocks, are the parks and squares that provide us with a place to breathe and a time to think. It is a fundamental need of a sane society to be able to stop once in a while and wander from the routine, […]

Karen Heywood

Karen has drawn and painted since childhood, and after leaving school she attended Stockport Art College on a Pre- Diploma course. At Leicester College of Art, where she studied Graphic Design for her Dip AD, Karen was awarded a bursary by the Royal Society of Arts as a result of winning a national competition. Karen […]

Pat Evans

I am inspired by the ever changing colours, tones and moods of the landscape, very often through the dramatic effects of weather conditions. Having taught arts for many years I now have the opportunity to focus more on my own work, – drawing and painting. I work mainly in watercolour, pastel, acrylics and mixed-media, conveying […]

Jo Orme

Jo likes to collect things; rusty metal things, natural things like twigs, shells, leaves, things that are worn and weathered. Odd objects found in Nanny’s button tin! Strange things that have lost their function; it’s this removal of function that gives the object its freedom. She loves repetition and the repetitive beauty of nature and […]