Jo likes to collect things; rusty metal things, natural things like twigs, shells, leaves, things that are worn and weathered. Odd objects found in Nanny’s button tin! Strange things that have lost their function; it’s this removal of function that gives the object its freedom. She loves repetition and the repetitive beauty of nature and the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Jo went to Art School as a mature student, first to Winchester School of Art in 1991 and completed an Art and Design Foundation Certificate and then on to Camberwell College of Art and Design, London and completed a Joint Honours Degree in Art and Design in 1994. She mainly produced installations, sculpture and drawing on her degree course not the 2-D work currently produced. Her artistic journey has been gradual with long interruptions where working to live got in the way of the creative process!

Moving away from the South East 10 years ago to the Peak District has enabled her the time to once again explore her creative needs.

She uses a variety of techniques and media to create her work. Quite often using as a background original collagraph prints, screen prints and mono prints. Printmaking has a sculptural quality as it is very hands on. These backgrounds are then layered upon with found objects, both natural and man-made.  The need to manipulate, handle, touch and feel the ‘things’ used as embellishments is essential to Jo as is the ‘mark making’, ‘assemblage’, ‘composition’ and ‘metaphor’ of the finished piece.

Jo runs Collage Workshops.

07940 504 414